Solutions Architect and Web Applications Developer

A lifelong technologist who bridges the gap between technology and business, I also design and develop advanced, web-based applications for enterprise-class clients.

About Me

23 Years of Experience

A senior-level technical manager, consultant, developer, and analyst specializing in advanced web-based applications.

Consulting strengths include interacting with both technical and non-technical stakeholders to establish project goals, define requirements, recommend specific solutions, mitigate risks, facilitate communication, and advise on tactical decision-making.

Technical strengths include object-oriented programming in PHP, database schema and query design in MySQL, advanced user interfaces built in React, HTML, CSS and jQuery, complex applications development in Drupal, and graphic design concepting in Adobe Photoshop.

An ideal fit for a role that requires an exceptional combination of people and technical skills, hands-on experience building elaborate systems, and outstanding communication abilities.

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What I Do


I connect business needs with technical solutions.


I build in Drupal, React, PHP, and MySQL.


I objectively review websites and applications for usability, aesthetics and performability.

Project Support

I review proposals, write documentation, and augment teams.


Contact Me

I'm always available for a conversation about your project needs.